It is fun, bittersweet and nostalgic to look back at your year especially when it comes to my blog. WordPress does a great job of sending you a snapshot of your blog’s performance. I will use some statistics from there but this baby of mine deserves a more personal approach. 🙂 Here are some milestones: Read More →

Inculcating healthy habits in kids is of paramount importance. This is necessarily so in the face of childhood obesity and increased exposure to television and electronic gadgets. As parents get busier and preoccupied, they start giving in to unreasonable demands like excessive junk food intake and less physical activity. It is time to work towards Read More →

Just like movie actors, we in blogdom have our own unique language — bloggerspeak. If you are new in town, you may even fall for it. Even seasoned bloggers are not immune to it, I must admit :). Here is my effort to deconstruct some of it for you. Sometimes I do have so much Read More →

To people like me blogging is a passion, a hobby, love of sharing and interacting and sharpening both my creative and writing skills. To an outsider, it seems like fun, silly, even glamorous with bloggers getting goodies and winning prizes. Very often the hard work behind the blog is not visible and recognized. The other Read More →

Blogging is a fun pastime. At least that is what all bloggers say. It is a great way to vent, share opinions, interact and spout your imaginary wisdom. Yet, I find certain aspects of blogging confusing. Let me share some of them with you and ask you for your inputs. Blogging is stressful! Pray why? Read More →

  No, I am not announcing the arrival of a baby girl in my life. I wish I did have a baby girl. But nature overruled us. Yet, these same words of joy can instill fear and desperation for millions of people across the globe. Yes, I am talking of a genocide that is of Read More →

I was truly fed up. It was 3 years since I held my last job. My younger son was all of 2 and very naughty. My elder son was 6 and very sick. He had high fever; we were suspecting typhoid that was rampant in our area in those days. I was at the brink Read More →

Her big, lovely eyes slowly transformed into glistening pools of molten lava. While browsing through her wardrobe, she chanced upon a dusty box of memories. Old family albums from back when hard copies of pictures were the norm. Each special moment was captured carefully. She used to do these little doodles around the pictures, and Read More →

I sit by my window. The weather is beautiful outside. The trees are flush with leaves. Copious rains have been doing them a world of good. The plants are blooming! The Hydrangea with their lovely lavender-blue canopies; the pretty jasmine flowers that emanate a soft, soothing perfume; and the bright red, orange and pink hibiscus, Read More →