To tell you the truth, I can hardly make out that it is Spring. On the one hand, the trees are shedding their leaves, on the other, it has suddenly become quite hot like summer. The temperature has just spiked in the past week. The only saving grace is the appearance of the beautiful cherry Read More →

Independence and what it means to me

I was watching this advertisement on telly. There was some banter between a wife and a husband. The wife says, “I used to be more independent before marriage.” So I turn to my husband and say, “I used to be too.” He gave me ‘the look.’ You know the fun and sometimes the exasperating part Read More →


For some strange reason, I am feeling excessively mopey this morning. Oh, please don’t raise your eyebrows. It has nothing to do with PMS! Yes, the kids have their FAs or unit tests in simpler tongue. And, as usual my hair is on the brink of going completely white. Making my younger son revise in Read More →

The delightful video above takes me on the journey of wishes – fulfilled and unfulfilled. As kids, I remember clutching that broken eye lash and wishing with all my might for whatever I wanted and then waiting with bated breath for it to come true. The wonder, the excitement, the joy of it all! And Read More →

You know you take your family for granted when you are growing up. Mom, dad, siblings — they are always around. Why worry? But then you leave your home for college. It hits hard. You hold back tears and feel like a 5-year-old still hankering for mom’s and dad’s support. But, you hold on strong willing Read More →

He is a little boy. I remember my first meeting with him. He was visiting my home along with his grandparents. He was very young just under 2 years, I think. Since there was a language barrier between us, I spoke to him in the language that all children understand – candies, cookies and chocolates. Read More →

My younger son is 8. Compared to his brother who is 4 years older, he always seems young. You know how age is actually relative. So, Sid at 8 was a big boy while Gautam at 8 is still a child. Though he is no longer a baby, we still try to hold on to Read More →