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You know when you would find kids being diligent about new hobbies and stuff like reading books especially when you don’t want them to? Exam time. That’s right. Since parents do not have enough on their plates chasing after errant kids, the kids decide to make it even harder. So the younger son, well he started reading books with a gusto. And, a brand new hobby was to read my blog. That’s right. I saw him reading on the laptop with utmost concentration not even demanding to take breaks. He had read straight for an hour when I went to check on him, he was still at it.

And then he came to me all excited and smiles. He had found some old posts of mine that had talked about him and incidents of his baby days. He was so happy and also rolled in laughter narrating some of the stuff that he found he did through the blog posts. That helped jog my memory as well as I had forgotten so much of it. He also read a few posts about his brother and that opened a completely new window in his life for him. He found out how his brother was before he was born and actually looked at him with different eyes as he discovered that elder brother was a goofy baby and normal child and not the guy he had always looked up to.

As he discussed more, I also got pulled into the conversation. I then opened a few photo folders from their baby albums and that meant a couple of hours just whizzed by. But, I did not feel angry at all though outwardly I showed slight annoyance. I felt a rush of gratitude for the blog – that I had documented those beautiful and quirky slices of life from their childhood and for the ensuing conversations we had. If he is cherishing them so much now, imagine how they will be when he grows older. It validated my effort at sharing those snippets. After all, I did start the blog originally to write about the kids and their journey through life. He also read so much of what his mother thought and discussed some of those feelings with me. In a strange way, I felt really fulfilled and flattered too when he told me that he enjoyed my writing.

Now, he is a regular reader of my blog and reads every post of mine. How truly lovely! As the month of March draws to a close, I would like to hold on to this warm experience as the one I would express the most gratitude for.

To every parenting blogger out there, your children will thank you one day for writing about them. This is such a precious legacy that we are leaving behind for them and hopefully for other people who draw solace and support in our writing.

reader #gratitude

How was March for you?

I wish you all a wonderful April. Hope, we all can continue to remain sane through their summer vacation. 😀

Join me with Vidya’s Gratitude Circle Hop.

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36 Thoughts on “A New Avid Reader #Gratitude

  1. Not a mom, but that’s the exact reason for which I write – to save my current thoughts and feelings for posterity. I’m growing older here and absolutely love to document my life ?
    Nisha recently posted…Bytes from the First QuarterMy Profile

  2. It’s funny how all new hobbies have to come up during exams. But this one I wouldn’t grudge him. It’s cute. My kids like to listen to tales of their childhood too. It’s wonderful to go over old memories and sometimes I’m surprised how much I’ve forgotten of their childhood. It’s good to have the blog.
    Beat About the Book recently posted…A plain Jane #Teaser Tuesday 6My Profile

  3. Thank you so much for writing this post. You were so right in telling me to wait and read this. It’s true. The one reason I began blogging was for myself and Gy for her to read all this some day. God bless you and the kids. Thank you again for the validation. This helps.
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…A memorable tryst with tennisMy Profile

  4. How adorable, Rachna! There used to be a time when Vidur was actively involved in my blogging –it is how he started his own blog at the age of 8–and I enjoyed seeing his changing reactions, from awe (when i grow up i want to be like my mom) to contemplation (do you really think you should write that about me) to acceptance (my mom can say what she wants because she’s always nice).

    At almost 1550 posts, I find that I too enjoy going through the archives and cherish my album-time of Vidur’s baby photos – which are thankfully physical photos. Enjoy your experiences with your sons, nothing is more heart-warming than these memories. And raising a reader? Best thing ever!

    I am honored to have you celebrate gratitude with me.
    Vidya Sury recently posted…My wake up call #GratitudeCircleMy Profile

  5. We have holidays here in June and not Apr May…one thing to be grateful for for now….i started my blog writing about my son too 🙂
    Jaishvats recently posted…Looking for you – Flash FictionMy Profile

  6. For the past few weeks I have been contemplating on my whole approach to blogging and even writing about motherhood and parenting. All this is futile I was thinking though a part of me knew that it probably wasn’t. Thank you for this post as this gives me a positive reason to keep doing what I’m doing when it comes to writing about M or my experiences as a mother.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and lots of love to G 🙂
    Nabanita Dhar recently posted…I Want To Be HerMy Profile

  7. That would have been such a nice experience for him and you, reading and talking about his childhood together. Bliss!

    I am not a mom yet, don’t know if I’ll ever want to be but I do go back to some old posts of mine to see how far I have come in life. It is a nice reminded of how you were before and then you realize that I am much happier now. It’s peaceful!

    Feb and March have been really trying for me. But I know April will be good. It has to be 🙂
    Soumya recently posted…Action Replay: February & March 2017My Profile

  8. This is super sweet. You are right, he will value it more with age. Blogging is rewarding in more ways than we can think of.

  9. How adorable is that! And really it would have been a heartwarming moment 🙂 Now I begin to wonder, what would be my kids’ reaction when they start to read it? The older one is not into reading,, I don’t think he would take the time to do so. But the girl might do it for sure 🙂
    March has been good. Mom visited us for a couple of weeks. Kids went back with her for spring break and we both got a week for ourselves 🙂 Exams are on the way and routine is keeping us busy. Spring is here…hoping for brighter days. April is going to be busy. 🙂

  10. It’s so very special to have all of these memories to look back on – for you, of course, and more so for the kiddo. That’s one of the reasons why we write, even those of us without kids, to look back on these markers of our lives and loves and passions.
    Modern Gypsy recently posted…Monthly Tarot forecast for April 2017My Profile

  11. Ahh!! That’s so cute. We moms are making a beautiful journal for them to read via our blogs!!

  12. Your post fills me with hope, anticipation, and perhaps some dread too. Also, it never struck me that parent blogs can be a great way for siblings to rediscover and redefine their perspectives. How I wait!!
    Subho recently posted…Thammi (Letters to Parth – 18)My Profile

  13. Glad your son enjoys reading this blog. You have inculcated the best values and good habits since the begining. It’s like a journal that provides your perspectives to kids. A great way to teach them and introduce them to what and how you think. My son refuses to read mine, I have to beg him to read sometimes 😉

  14. What a lovely post! You know our blogs will for sure live longer than us. This post tells me that. This would have been such a lovely experience for you all. Hugs and best for the many months ahead.
    Parul Thakur recently posted…Gratitude List – March 2017My Profile

  15. How sweet is this!! It’s so wonderful that you all had such a heartwarming time because of lil one’s interest in your blog.
    Yes, our blogs are our journals which our kids should read and get to know the tidbits from our life, and construct the story of our life, learn and know our experiences, thoughts and views ‘then’ and memories, when they grow up. And I am looking forward to it too 🙂
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Arson #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2ZMy Profile

  16. wow your kids are now big enough to read your blogs and even appreciate them 😀 I can see what a wonderful conversation this must have been. A beautiful and heart warming post to start the challenge 😀
    Rajlakshmi recently posted…Yogasana : Always Stretch #atozchallengeMy Profile

  17. Wow, Rachna! That would’ve been the best feeling in the world. So glad that your boy reads and appreciates your writes. Oh, I love it! 🙂 🙂
    Shalini R recently posted…Ao Nang, KrabiMy Profile

  18. Am sure you and the children will cherish this for long time to come
    Rahul recently posted…The Cusco TrailMy Profile

  19. That’s adorable…that bit about reading during exams also hilarious… It’s great that your son reads your blog and appreciates what you’ve written about. I have not encouraged my kids to read my blog yet.

  20. Well, now that you have a captive audience, you can start uploading his lessons, notes on your blog and he will sit for hours without a murmur of protest.

    Good idea, no?
    Purba Ray recently posted…Finding Me in UsMy Profile

  21. “To every parenting blogger out there, your children will thank you one day for writing about them. ”

    Most kids, perhaps. If Rishi reads what I’ve written about him, I’ll be fighting a lawsuit soon 🙂
    Jokes aside, it’s always a special feeling when your work gets a new reader. And doubly so, when it’s someone who has been mentioned in your posts too.
    Sid recently posted…Oh, what a wonderful world!My Profile

    • I have shared some embarrassing stuff about the kids as well but it is all a part of their childhood memories. At least to now I haven’t seen them bothered about what was written. If they are, I would be glad to modify the post.

  22. Happy to know the reason behind your blogging. I hope my son will also feel proud reading his mom’s blog.
    Vasantha Vivek recently posted…So Much To Be Grateful For….. #GratitudeCircleBlogHopMy Profile

  23. That must have felt really wonderful ! A proud moment to receive accolades from your kids 🙂
    Asha recently posted…Of talking rooms in Kochi BienalleMy Profile

  24. Oh how wonderful, Rachna. This makes me want to write more about little D, so that he and I can also look back someday at the life we lived, through the blog. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
    Shantala recently posted…Quarterly Goals Update (Jan – Mar 2017)My Profile

  25. While reading this post I started imagining the day when my daughter will read my blogs & the memories that we will relive together. This will surely be a magical moment for us! 🙂
    NEHA JAIN recently posted…Things I am eternally grateful for in my lifeMy Profile

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